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In 2001, my parents bet me that if I did not drink, smoke, or do drugs by 21, they would give me $1500. Here I am on my 21st birthday holding the contract I signed when I was 8.

damn i can lie to my parents too but i aint make 1500 bucks for it

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“The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.”

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here are my top ten things I think that you should be doing more often!

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"I mean I get along great with everybody on set but I just spent a lot of time this season working with Colin – and we get along great and we have such a good time on set. And we’ve just become such comrades on those adventures and we definitely have a really good time doing all that stuff." (Jennifer Morrison)

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Anonymous said:
Does weight really matter that much to guys that some of them have to cyberbully me about it?


nooope doesn’t matter also what doesnt matter is the opinion of guys who cyberbully they’re doofuses dont listen to them